How do I apply a new FLEXnet Floating License to the Geneious Floating License Manager?

If you are using the Geneious Floating License Manager and have upgraded your floating license and received a new license key, you can install it as follows:

Open the Terminal (mac and linux) or command prompt (Windows) and use the "cd" command to navigate to the Geneious Floating License Manager installation directory.

Run the commands below with administrator privileges.  To do this on Windows you must open the command prompt as an administrator by right-clicking on the command prompt icon and choosing "Run as Administrator".  On macOS and Linux, the commands must be prefaced with "sudo":

e.g. sudo ./floatingLicenseManager ...

To release your old key off the server use the command:

floatingLicenseManager -release
[-proxyHost <proxy host> -proxyPort <proxy port>]
[-proxyUserid <proxy userid> -proxyHost <proxy userid>]
(Note the proxy settings only need to be included if they were set up when the license was activated)

Then apply your new key using the command:

floatingLicenseManager -activate -activationID <activation ID>
[-proxyHost <proxy host> -proxyPort <proxy port> [-proxyUserid <proxy userid> -proxyPassword <proxy password>]]

Replace <activation ID> with your license key. (Note the proxy settings are optional - if you do not use a proxy server leave this blank).

To ensure that the new license is served after it is activated, restart the server (please refer the Geneious Floating License Manager User Guide for the appropriate commands for your operating system)


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