How do I move Geneious to another computer?

The Geneious database is stored separately from the Geneious application so simply migrating the application itself across to a new machine will not move the database.  The database is typically found in the User’s home directory in a folder called Geneious X.Y Data (where X.Y denotes the Geneious version).  The safest way to transfer your Geneious database to another computer is to make a backup of your database using the Backup function in Geneious, then restore the database from the backup on the new machine.  Do not use Windows Explorer to migrate the database folder, as Explorer cannot handle files and paths longer than 256 bytes and you are likely to lose files.

If you are no longer going to use Geneious on your old machine you should also release the license from this machine. This can be done from the ‘Help' menu ('Pro' menu in Geneious 5.6 and earlier). Note that there are a limited number of releases available within a given period of time and trying to release too often may be misconstrued as a user trying to share a personal license with others. Only release a license when absolutely necessary.

Note that if you are using Migration Assist on a Mac to move your files and applications you must release your license from the old machine first, otherwise you will get a “Failed to launch FLEXnet” error when you try to run Geneious on the new machine.  

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    Ademir Martins

    I installed Geneious in my office IMac. Can I have it also in my macbook with the same license? 

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    Helen Shearman

    If you are using a personal license, you can activate the license in Geneious on up to three computers at time, although only one copy of Geneious may be open and running with the license at any time.

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    Sean McCotter

    Say that I am unable to release my license due to a corrupted hard drive or some other malfunction which caused me to lose my installation. Can I release a license in any other way? I have used 2 of my 3 activations, one of which was on my computer which no longer functions.

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    Helen Shearman

    You should contact us with the details of your license in this instance.

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    Daniel Fulop

    I didn't create a backup in my old computer, and I am unable to do so.  I am now trying to import an R6.1 database into a fresh R9 installation, and despite pointing Geneious to the proper "Geneious 6.1 Data" directory in the General Preferences the data isn't being imported.

    Is there something else I can do to retrieve / import my data? 

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    Moreland Gibbs

    Although you say you didn't create a backup, I assume your R6.1 database is a backup from somewhere?

    Are you getting a error message when you set the path in Geneious R9 to your old R6 data folder, or is the folder loading OK but nothing shows up in the Sources column in Geneious? 

    If it is the latter then the data folder you are loading may be empty.  You may want to check if you have any other Geneious data folders in the same location and try loading those.


    If you are getting errors then let us know what they are.