Where is my Geneious database stored?

Geneious databases are stored separately from the application itself, in a folder called Geneious X.Y Data on Windows and Mac or .geneiousX.Ydata on Linux (where X.Y is the version of Geneious such as 10.2).  This is located in the user’s home directory by default (e.g. /Users/username/Geneious 10.2 Data).

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    Rodham Tulloss

    I have unzipped the backup and stored it in Geneious 8.1; however, the file cannot beloaded into Geneious.

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    Moreland Gibbs

    If you have created a zipped backup of your database from within Geneious using the "Backup" button, then you shouldn't unzip the backup file. You should restore using using menu File -> Restore Backup, select the zip file and it will be unpacked and converted to a new data folder.

    If you still have issues then please submit a support request using the Support button found on the Geneious Toolbar.