Some functionality in Geneious (e.g. Primer design, RAxML, EMBOSS tools) doesn't work under 64bit Linux.

A 64 bit installation of Linux needs the 32 bit support libraries installed for some Geneious functionality. If you don't have these installed you may get an error about a missing binary or file. The installation process differs across distributions. To install under Ubuntu 12.04LTS, run the terminal application and run the command 'sudo apt-get install ia32-libs' to install a base set of 32 bit libraries.

If you are using Ubuntu 13.10 through 15.10, you will need to install the following 3 packages instead of ia32-libs: lib32z1, lib32ncurses5, and lib32bz2-1.0. So to install these, run 'sudo apt-get install lib32z1' etc.  Ubuntu 16.04 or higher requires libc6-i386, lib32z1, and lib32ncurses5. 

Updated 30.08.2016 
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    This seemed to fix my problem, support ticket 2226.

    After installing the ia32-libs, Geneious Pro opens and I guess (not a bioinformatician myself) that my organization's bioinfo people will be happy.

    OS: Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop, 64-bit on a Dell Optiplex.

    Thanks, Hilary.

    Ken Banyas, Henry M. Jackson Foundation