Why is the collaboration plugin slow?

There are 3 file transfer mechanisms that the collaboration plugin in Geneious may use depending on how restrictive the environment is:

Direct connection (fastest): This is possible if both clients are not behind NAT and or firewalls, or the firewall is configured with port forwarding to allow incoming connections. This uses a SOCKS5 connection on port 7777
Server connection (slower): If a direct connection is not possible because of NAT and Firewall issues then both clients connect to a SOCKS5 proxy on our server (port 7777). Data is then transferred to our jabber server and back.
Chat connection (very slow): If a proxy connection cannot be established at all then data will be transferred via the same protocol that is used by the Jabber server to send other kinds of notifications.  This is not designed for large amounts of data so it is very slow.
To get the best performance you may need to ask your IT department to enable socks connections on port 7777. If possible, we recommend using the Shared Database instead of collaboration.
Note: From Geneious R7 onwards, collaboration is no longer inbuilt in Geneious.  It is still available as an external plugin.  To share files with your colleagues we recommend exporting the files in .geneious format or using a Geneious Shared Database.  For more information on using a Geneious Shared Database, see the Geneious user manual (PDF or Online).
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