Does the PAUP* plugin work with the new alpha version?

The Geneious PAUP plugin ( works with commercial releases of PAUP* up to and including version PAUP* 4.0b10.  You will need to have your own licensed copy of this version in order to run the plugin.

The Geneious PAUP plugin will not work with alpha releases of PAUP* up to and including 4.0a147.

However, the author of PAUP* has recently made available temporary "test version" command-line binaries of PAUP* 4.0a148 for Windows and OSX.  These binaries are compatible with the latest Geneious PAUP plugin (1.3.0).

The PAUP* 4.0a148 binaries for Windows and OSX can be downloaded from

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    Sam Williams

    Will the PAUP plugin eventually be available on the PAUP* alpha version. As those who do not have a old PAUP subscription can no longer get them and without PAUP there is no was off constructing parsimony trees through geneious.

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    Moreland Gibbs

    We are not planning to revise the plugin to be compatible with the alpha version, as this is a time-limited stop-gap release that the author is providing until new distribution arrangements are made for the commercial version of the software.

     As of April 2016 PAUP* Plugin 1.3.0 is compatible with PAUP*  4.0a148 for Windows and OSX.