I can't connect to the BLAST service

NCBI services no longer work in Geneious R7 and earlier.  This is because of the change to using HTTPS that NCBI implemented on Sept 30th, 2016.  See NCBI transition to HTTPS for further details.  Users on R8 onwards should ensure they have updated to the latest patch available for their version. 

If you are using a supported version of Geneious and still cannot connect, it may be due to a problem with your proxy configuration. Geneious sends BLAST jobs via a URL on port 80 but if there is a firewall preventing direct access, then it will have to go via a proxy. Find out what the machine address and port are plus any user name and password necessary, and put those into the network settings in Preferences→General tab.


The implementation of the ”use browser settings” may not work depending on the platform. On Windows, if the proxy is set in Internet Explorer it should work. Also, if a PAC file is specified, Geneious will just grab the host address and port settings it specifies and use them to fill in the fields automatically.  For more information on configuring connection settings, see this post.

If you have previously been able to connect to BLAST without problems, are using a supported version of Geneious, and have not changed your proxy settings, then it is likely to be a problem at the NCBI end.  In this case we suggest trying again at a later time.  



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    Christopher Lage

    It is absolutely unacceptable that earlier Geneious versions do not have patches to support NCBI requests! Please create a patch for this problem or upgrade previous license purchases to the oldest version that still has this functionality. Bogus.

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    Hilary Miller

    The last 3 versions of Geneious have been patched to support NCBI (R8, R9, and R10). All other versions are no longer supported and we do not have the resources to patch all earlier versions. Please see the Geneious license agreement, section 4.1 at https://assets.geneious.com/legal/eula.html.