Geneious Floating License Manager Manual

The manuals for the latest version of the Geneious Floating License Manager (FLM) can be downloaded from the following links:


All new customers should use FLM version 2.1.2, unless running on 32 bit linux or OSX running Snow Leopard or older, in which case use they should use version 2.0.5.


The FLM 2.1.2 manual can be downloaded from here

The FLM 2.0.5 manual can be downloaded from here


Note: not all floating licenses require the Geneious Floating License Manager.  For more information about which licenses do require this, click here.

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    harikrishan kesavan

    I tried to install manually but it's asking me the activation key. But I don't have activation.I am just have floating server ip. And I am using floating licence in different laptop. Because it for the University I have no clue about the server

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    Hilary Miller

    If your organization or lab already has a floating license installed then you should not be installing the license manager on your machine. You need to open Geneious and enter the server address (where the license manager is installed) and port in the Activate License box.

    If you need further assistance please send a support ticket with details of your organization or license.