What type of license requires the Geneious Floating License Manager?

Most floating licenses require the Geneious Floating License Manager to administer the licenses.  The Geneious Floating License Manager is a FLEXnet license server.  A link to the installer for this software will be sent to you at the time you receive your license.  This software needs to be installed on a machine with a fixed IP address that is always turned on (with sleep or power saving features disabled), with the appropriate firewall ports opened to enable the client machines to access it.

If you do not receive a link to the floating license manager software, and your activation key is sent to you as a text file, then you have been issued a peer to peer license that is activated directly in Geneious.  If you purchase a 1 or 2 seat floating license and would prefer to use a peer to peer license rather than installing the license server, please discuss this with your Geneious sales representative at the time of purchase. 


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    Jesus Salazar-Gonzalez

    Useful. Thanks.

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    Rob Maher

    Hi. I recently purchased a floating license with 1 seat and I cannot activate it. I get this error:

    "This is a floating license. It should be activated on your license server. Instructions for doing this are in the email containing your activation ID. Please forward this letter to your system administrator."

    I understood from what is written above that this shouldn't be necessary. I have my IT group working on setting up a license server right now. Should I have them deal with the "Floating License Manager"?


    Thanks, Rob

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    Hilary Miller

    Hi Rob, for commercial licenses we almost always issue FLEXnet licenses that require the license server, even if they are only 1 or 2 seats.  I'll amend the post above to include that information.

    The "floating license manager" is the license server, so this is probably what your IT people are setting up already.  You will have received a download link for this software when you received your license.