Setting up your Geneious account

Geneious accounts are currently only available to early access partners.

An administrator must first create an account for you, after which you will receive an email with an account setup link. If you have not received this email, you should first speak to the person in your organization who is administrating your Geneious accounts.

Setting your password

Once your Geneious account has been created, you must set your password before you can log in.  To do this, follow the ‘Set up account’ link in the email introducing ‘Your new Geneious account’.  If this link has expired, you will be diverted to the ‘Reset password’ page - you can get a new ‘Set up account’ link sent to you by submitting your email on this page.  The email submitted must match the one used to create the account.

You can choose any password that meets the minimum strength requirement. Generally this means your password must be at least 7 characters long and not be too easy to guess - e.g. not a commonly used word or sequence of numbers.  Your password doesn't have to contain a certain number of special characters.  If the colored bar is green then your password is strong enough, if it is red then you can click away from the password field for guidance on how to improve your password.

Installing and activating Geneious

Your Geneious account can be used to activate Geneious if your organization has an active subscription.

To activate Geneious you must first have both Geneious R10 (beta) and the cloud plugin installed.

  1. Download and install Geneious R10 beta for your operating system from Choose ‘Trial later’ if you are asked to activate a license before you have logged in.

  2. Download the cloud plugin from the link on then drag and drop it in to Geneious to install.

Once R10 is running with the plugin installed you should be prompted to log in immediately using the email address and password that your account was set up with in the previous step.  If your organization has already installed Geneious and the cloud plugin for you, you will be prompted to log in on startup.

If the ‘Remember me’ checkbox is selected, Geneious will automatically log you in on startup.  You can manually log in using Log In to Geneious Account... from the Help menu.  

Geneious will be activated when you have logged in successfully as long as you have a valid subscription and you are not exceeding usage limits.

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