Creating custom annotation databases and annotating sequences

Have an annotated sequence(s) and want to map these annotations to another sequence?  You can do this using the Annotate from Database function. 

To create the custom annotation database, create a new folder and place your annotated sequences in this folder.  The folder you created is now your custom annotation database.  To then find these annotations on a sequence:

1. Select the sequence(s) you want to annotate and go to the "Live Annotate & Predict" tab on the right hand side of the sequence view (or alignment view) window. 
2. Tick the box next to "Annotate From..." (this function is labelled "Find Annotations" in Geneious R6)
3. Click on the folder name next to the label "Source:" 
4. In the window that appears, find the folder containing your custom annotation database, select this and click OK. 
5. Adjust the similarity setting if necessary. 
6. If you have any short annotations, click on the "Advanced" button and adjust the "Index Sequence Length". 
7. Click Apply.

This will apply any matching annotations that have been found in your custom database to your sequence(s).

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