Uniprot search fails: Updated

Uniprot have recently switched to use encrypted HTTPS-only to access their services.  Older Geneious versions are hardcoded to use HTTP to access Uniprot and will not follow redirects to HTTPS.

A fix for this issue is incorporated into R10.2.6 and R11.1.5.

R11 and subscription license holders should download and install R11.1.5 (or later).  The installer can be obtained from www.geneious.com.

R10 license holders should download and install R10.2.6 (or later).  R10.2 installers can be downloaded from https://www.geneious.com/previous-versions.

Users of Geneious R9 or earlier will need to purchase an upgrade to Geneious R11 (or later) to restore Uniprot Search capability.


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