How do I move my Floating License manager (FLM)

If you wish to move your Floating license manager (FLM) to a new computer then you should do the following:

Navigate to location of the FLM installation.  For example, in Windows this will be the C:\Program Files\Geneious Floating License Manager folder.

Run the uninstall program (or for Linux, script) that accompanies the FLM software.  This will uninstall the software and also contact our license servers and release your floating license activation.

Note that to successfully release the activation your server machine must have an internet connection and be able to contact our license server at over the standard https port. 

Once the activation is released you will be able to install and activate the FLM on a new computer using the license details.

See the following article for FLM download links and installation instructions.

If you are moving to a FLM computer with a new IP address or Host name, then all Geneious users will need to go menu Help -> Activate license and update the "floating license server" IP address/hostname".

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