How do I get my Vector NTI data into Geneious Prime?

Geneious Prime has a dedicated importer for Vector NTI Advance databases that will preserve metadata, structure and lineage information from Vector NTI, so that your files will be organised in Geneious in the same way they were in Vector NTI.

To import your database, go to File->Import->Vector NTI Database, and then select your database folder.

If you use the Vector NTI Data Export tool we strongly recommend you keep a copy of your original Vector NTI database as well. We believe importing your Vector NTI database directly into Geneious Prime will provide a more seamless transition (and having additional backups of your precious data is always a good idea!).

Note: The Geneious importer currently only supports Vector NTI Advance databases, but we are aiming to extend this to Vector NTI Express databases in the very near future. 





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