Should I install 32-bit Geneious Prime on Windows?

We strongly recommend running 64-bit Geneious Prime if possible.

However if your computer's operating system is 32-bit Windows, you will need to use the 32-bit version of Geneious.  Typically only older computers would be expected to be running 32-bit Windows. 

If you have a 64-bit operating system, you must install the 64-bit version of Geneious Prime in order to make full use of the RAM available on your computer.  32-bit Geneious can only use a maximum of 1500 MB of RAM regardless of the amount of RAM your computer has. 64-bit Geneious Prime can be downloaded from our main Downloads page.  

You can download 32-bit Geneious Prime for Windows from the Previous Versions page on the Geneious website (this includes the current version).

Please be aware that if you choose to run 32-bit Geneious Prime, you may experience issues that are not present in the 64-bit version due to the increasingly restricted support for the 3rd party tools that we use. Most notably, support for the latest release of Java is limited on 32-bit systems, and as a result 32-bit Geneious is bundled with an older version of Java, which is known to have bugs that are addressed in later releases. 

32-bit Geneious Prime is only available for Windows.  Note that we are considering discontinuing the 32-bit version entirely for future releases of Geneious Prime.  If you think this is likely to cause you problems, let the support team know about your concerns.





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