BLAST result format issues - Jan 2020

Users running BLAST searches from Geneious may notice that results are coming back without Accession numbers, Description or Organism information. 

In Geneious Prime 2020.0.4 and earlier some results will be shown with only "Hit" recorded for the name and description; in Prime 2020.0.5 the GI number is listed in these fields. 

Prime 2020.0.5:


 Prime 2020.0.4 and earlier:


This issue is caused by a recent change in the way the BLAST results are sent back to Geneious from NCBI and is unfortunately out of our control.  We anticipate that NCBI will fix this issue in the near future and restore the original result fields. 

In the meantime, you can still get the full Genbank record for each hit showing the Accession, Organism and Description by clicking the "Download full sequence" button. 

Alternatively you can run your BLAST search on the NCBI website, and download the results as an XML file and then import this into Geneious.  




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