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re-run Operation with new params; show provenance graph of files & operations

The list of previously run Operations would benefit from these improvements:
   - option to re-run an Operation after modifying some parameters (currently parameters can only be viewed in read-only mode).

   - a graph view of all operations, with Documents as nodes and operations as edges.  Command to jump from a document to its place in the graph (this would show all operations done on a document). 

   Maybe can be done by integration with

- show operation type and parameters as columns in the operation list; allow filtering and sorting the table by these values.

Ilya Shlyakhter

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Thanks for your suggestions, I will pass them onto the developers.  

The lineage tab does something similar to your second suggestion - if you display the lineage tab for a document it will show you the parent and descendant documents and the operations run on that document.  

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