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GPU acceleration using BEAGLE or else to speedup computation time



it would be great if Geneious could use BEAGLE to speedup its computation time by using CPU and GPU. BEAGLE or another type of library sounds great.



Gilles Cellier

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This is currently only possible with MrBayes, as per the screenshot below:

You will need to recompile the MrBayes executable to use Beagle and then use the "custom MrBayes executable" option, along with the custom code in the screenshot above.  The MrBayes user manual has further information.

If there are other processes that you would like to run using Beagle or some other form of GPU acceleration, please let us know so we can forward the information to the developers.

Hilary Miller 0 votes

I am using beagle for MrBayes and PhyML on standalone installations, but my though was to see this explicit option in Geneious with the plugins of within Geneious' core itself. I am not sure if Geneious can actually use the GPU for some calculations or interface smoothing.

GPU can be used for instance for primer testing with saved ones, phylogeny reconstruction, alignment of sequences, genome assembly...

BEAGLE is now working with:

I am sure this could be useful to speedup computation time for some analysis, even if some other plugins or software can do the trick quicker (FastTree, MAFFT...).


Gilles Cellier 0 votes