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Import protein graphs from csv/tab and allow graphing them alongside other features

Allowing importing and graphing csv files holding residue level numerical values, and then provide for plotting them in the same way as AA Charge or TM predication results can be graphed.   

The format used by your existing csv/tab exporter from the Graphs panel would be ideal.

Possibly, geneious need not also manage the csv/tab data.  Consider:  the ability to associate an external csv file (or set of such files) with protein molecules based on a path naming convention, and dynamically load them on demand would be FANTASTIC.  For example, the template " c:/mygraphs/<documentName>/*.csv" could be registered with Geneious to cause the graph data in "c:/mygraphs/NARH/*.tab to autoload when opening the graphs tab on the NARH document in Geneious, and make available for plotting whatever columns of data it finds (after a few quick sanity checks).  Just as great would allow registering a JDBC connection that would similarly dynamically draw in such graphs - perhaps make this an extension of your shared database product (which we use happily) and re-use the same connection.

This would make Geneious an ideal platform for integrating standard proteomics analysis tools with bespoke/novel tools, such as our lab is direly needing.

Note: I pose this request without diminishing my interest in the necessity for geneious future support for Support for visualization of bedGraph/bigWig/wiggle values especially for nucleotide sequences (but possibly also extended to amino acid sequences).

malcolm cook

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