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Details about PCR product when testing primer pairs


I am new to Geneious and have used Macvector in the past. I am trying to test my saved primers on a sequence of interest. I have a few comments on the program. 1. It wont let me input primer sequences of choice, I am having to save them in my primer folder everytime before testing them out.

2. Even when I do that and test a primer pair on my sequence, it wont give me report page with primer pair stats for e.g.: binding sites, Tm difference, product length formed when using this set of primers and so on.

Is there a way to add these features on Geneious? I remember I used these extensively on Macvector before and they come in real handy. Or maybe I am wrong and havent been able to navigate properly in which case, I would appreciate some guidance from the support team.



Leena Shewade

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Your first request has been added in to Geneious Prime 2019, which will be released next week.  You can try out the beta version from  The function is called "Add primers to sequence" under the Primers menu.  

PCR product and Tm information is added to the primer annotation when you use Test with Saved Primers.  You can see this information by mousing over one of the primers or viewing the Annotations table.  

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