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Paginating exported image files

I posted a previous version of this question on the "Tips & Tricks" page (see post and response pasted below), but the answer I received made it clear that the feature I have in mind is not currently available, so I'm posting the issue again as a "Feature Request"

Specifically, I would like to be able to paginate exported images of sequences in a controlled and dedicated way. Currently, exported PDFs of (wrapped) sequence alignments are narrow and long images - not paginated at all. The response to my question suggested printing them to a PDF (rather than exporting and image), which does add pages breaks, but does so wherever the current page break happens to fall on the image, it doesn't scale the image to fall at a wrap point, or even between two lines of sequence. It would be helpful if the image export feature would allow the user some control over page breaks. For instance, it would be helpful if you could set page breaks to occur only where your sequence wraps. This would have the added benefit of including the sequence index and any sequence identity graphs at the top of each page. Other sequence viewers like Seaview do this (with admittedly far less functionality), so I'm hoping it wouldn't be too hard to add it to Geneious.



Original Post:

Is there a way to paginate large exported image files? I am trying to prepare a high quality image of a large sequence alignment for inclusion as a supplementary figure in a publication. I have adjusted all visual settings as I'd like them to appear in the sequence view, with sequences "wrapped", and then I tried using the "Save As Image File..." option in the file menu. The resulting PDF contains an image of suitable width but a very long length - it is essentially a single very long page containing my entire 1000+ bp wrapped alignment. I would like to paginate this image, ideally having page breaks after each "wrap" (a line for each of my sequences will fit on a single page, so I would need to split the image across 10+ pages - one for each "wrap").

I know that older/simpler sequence viewers like Seaview can do this, but I haven't been able to achieve it with Geneious Prime. If the feature is not available, it would be a useful one to add.



Reply to Original Post:

To get page breaks in the PDF, use the option File->Print, rather than Save as Image file.  Then print to a pdf using whatever you have on your system to do that.  

To fit more on the page for a large alignment I'd suggest reducing the Zoom to 70% (in the Print options in Geneious), and possibly reducing the font size for the bases and sequence names as well.  


Jason Andras

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